Python, & OpenCV

Upcoming show: SqueezeBox at Collective Ending Gallery in June

Featured on Arebyte On Screen

An Audio Visual piece that explores racial bias, and white supremacy through computer vision. It’s “Dumb Bitch Computer Vision” because we don’t know if we, the subject are dumb, or is the white capitalist patriarchal gaze that keeps watching us dumb. Technology like most other aspects of present-day life is upheld by white supremacy and when mass surveillance is part of policing society it can become a dangerous concoction of prejudice and misconceptions. Rather than succumbing to the gaze, I'm exploring a playful way to hack the system. 

Graphic Design, Illustrator

Locked In, crave4rave 2020- 2021 bootleg rave poster concept. A whole year without raves and social withdrawal worth commemorating in form of a poster. 

Graphic Design, Illustrator, Photoshop

Fan poster for Sian Sono's absurdist movie Antiporno

Graphic Design, Illustrator, Photoshop

Rowdy For No Reason is a brand I am working on. It's 100% mischief, and zero remorse. The brand will have pure Italian silver chain necklaces and graphics merch coming soon...

Art Direction, Editing, & Modelling

in collaboration with Cold Archive I worked  to promote their Gummo inspired knits. Cold Archive focuses on platforming youth sub-cultures across the globe. 

My role in this project was to conceptualise the video idea, model during the shoot. I also worked on the post production, editing both audio and visuals. 

OpenFrameworks, Rasberry Pi 2, & Arduino

Genderless; it is from an alternate dimension. It's my minds creation therefore elements of my emotions and past experiences are prevalent. The body is its acrylic build on the outside, the organs are its physical computing boards with circuits generating energy for the robot to move and beat its heart. The code is its mind where the algorithms of its mindset are programmed. The instance between watching it from afar and not understanding it, as it screeches its claws against the wall, to coming closer to it and interacting with its touch screen beating heart, is the internal shift from lack of knowledge and fear of the unknown to that of emotional and logical understanding.

Deep Dreaming AI, & Premiere Pro

An audio visual piece using deep dreaming artificial intelligence to explore a distant re-imagined memory of my Bangladeshi heritage. The melodic sounds of the Bengali language sounds foreign hearing it come out of my own mouth. The distance and inability to reach the motherland is accentuated for the diaspora by the forever looping lockdown. I ask myself “who am I ?” layered in various waves and animal sounds adding to the deep dream journey.   

Artboard 5.png

Jinia Tasnin is a Bangladeshi Italian digital artist and creative technologist based in South East London. She explores the possibilities of digital storytelling through interactive experiences, multimedia A/V pieces, machine learning and AI. Jinia has completed her Bsc (Hons) Digital Arts Computing degree from Goldsmiths University of London in 2020. She is currently working as a creative technologist for artist Helen Knowles for "Trickledown" which will be touring from 2022. She teaches children creative coding, machine learning, and robotics at various London based schools. She is also freelancing on graphic design and post production work. 

Email: | Tel: 07479174117

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